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Pension Plans for Business

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Financial planning for business owners

We have many corporate clients who seek our advice to help them with their financial planning arrangements, either independently or with their accountants.

Most companies will be guided by their accountants with regards to income proportioning for dividends and salary allocation, but we can offer some creative solutions for companies which enable them to use pensions to meet operational requirements.

We support companies with:
  • Auto-enrolment advice and start-up. We have our own bespoke process for Auto-enrolment
  • Profit extraction- where profitable for a company to do so via a pension arrangement
  • Pension planning with own company shares or preference shares
  • Utilising SIPPs for commercial property development schemes.
  • Fund release as business loan from pension schemes
  • Business Protection e.g: Key Person cover, health insurance, succession and contingency financial planning and wills.
  • Lifetime or annual allowance review-the ceiling for total pension worth before a 55% tax charge is applied is now £1.25m. If Director’s/company owners may be exposed to this charge, it is worth seeking guidance.

All companies have their own individual set of circumstances and a full financial review will help to determine the needs of Directors/company owners in terms of pension arrangements.

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