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Later Life and Wills

Margaret and lifestyle

At retirement and into our later years our priorities change—we look towards a peaceful, secure lifestyle where money worries are reduced and there is the chance to consider leaving some of our hard earned cash to our loved ones. Of course, although this may be our objective it is sometimes hard to realise our goals.

Our Later years’ service will help you, at retirement and at any time post 50, consider your retirement income, your assets and liabilities, what happens to your estate after death and how best to manage it all in relation to tax implications and wealth accumulation.

We can support you with advice or information in all areas of later life planning. The following list is not exhaustive but provides an overview of services offered:

You can also download our Later Life and Wills fact sheet

Equity Release: We provide basic information in this area and refer to a specialist equity release company to support our clients in this area.

Long Terms Care costs: The Government have postponed a cap on care costs until 2020 but it is proposed that no-one will pay for care above £72,000. However, this does not mean that this is the maximum that care will cost the family.

It is worth considering how and what capital assets may be considered when funding medical costs. A person’s estate could be severely impacted unless all capital and tax implications are carefully considered at diagnosis of a chronic condition and during an illness, no later.

Estate Planning: We assist our clients with estate planning (including inheritance tax) to help mitigate financial losses and ensure that funds are safe-guarded within the family.

Trustee Investment Service There are rules around how Trust funds can be invested and it is beneficial to understand the “do’s” and “don’ts” of Trust management.

We are able to help trustees manage Trust funds through careful consideration of fund allocation, an investment strategy which meets the needs of all stakeholders, tax planning and a robust monitoring process which is clear for all concerned parties.

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