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I am interested in personal finance...

  • Pensions & Retirement Planning

    Starting a pension as soon as possible helps to give you and your family choices when you most need them and makes retirement all the more easier...

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  • Estate Planning & Later Years

    Having a financial plan that is able to support our clients in the most tax efficient and cost-effective way is of paramount importance for all our clients coming into their later years...

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  • Investments

    As Independent Financial Advisers we support you with an investment strategy that is not bound to any single product, but which puts you and your financial needs at the heart of all our savings recommendations...

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  • Mortgages & Insurance

    We offer an on-line and personal face to face service for clients local to us and further afield. We have over 10 years experience in mortgages and insurance which has helped us to become specialists in securing the right product for our clients...

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  • Final Salary Pension Transfer Reviews

    Pension transfer reviews are available to you via our chartered financial advisers. We cannot guarantee a transfer but we do offer a robust and comprehensive review of your financial circumstances to help you to decide to take on our recommendation...

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  • Ongoing Service Reviews

    Setting up a pension or investment is only part of the process in ensuring that your savings continue to meet your objectives. It is not mandatory to take out on-going servicing with our practice, but we do recommend that you consider some form of performance review of your savings...

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I am interested in business finance...

  • Taking an income from the Business

    We can advise you as to the best ways to manage income into your business whether you are a sole-trader or Limited Company and where you are experiencing difficulties refer you to our third party providers, where appropriate, for high level accountancy and support...

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  • Taking out a mortgage as a business owner

    Business owners sometimes find it hard to secure the right mortgage for them. We have over 10 years experience in accessing suitable products for clients who may be turned down from mainstream lenders………………

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  • Protecting the assets of the Business

    We believe that your business is intrinsically linked with your personal circumstances and have the skills to advise on how best to protect your assets across the board...

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  • Planning for the Future and Retirement

    The main bulk of our business is in the advice of individuals and businesses in the creation of retirement/exit plans that help our clients realise their retirement goals...

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A step too far? Small Businesses reel from the announcement of a second-lock down.

Small businesses turnover close to 2.2t and employ 16 million people(Financial Times July 2020) but these figures are set to take a significant downturn as the second phase of lock-down was announced by the Government on 22nd September 2020.

Financial support for those who cannot work but who have “viable” jobs has been offered in the form of the Chancellor’s Job Support Scheme, but a fiscal leg-up is not the only thing that keeps businesses in operation.

This article is written for all those SME’s, who like us, give people jobs, pay corporation tax and pay 13.8% NI to help keep the NHS intact.

On the ground this translates to:

  • 1. £50bn of rescue loans being used to cover costs, pay debts, give employees a wage but which are unlikely to be used for investment and development.
  • 2. Business owners having to reduce their own and their employees’ wages - particularly in the hospitality and leisure sector to be able to survive.
  • 3. Time and resources that should be spent on getting companies back up and running, after the first lock-down, now being spent on administering this second set of rules and regulations. No-one should eb under any illusion what this means to a small company. It is the difference between deciding to continue or just throwing in the towel.
  • 4. Damaging mental health effects that business owners will experience as they have to lose employees and account for their losses - both on a business and personal level.

As a business who provide financial advice and service to our clients, we understand that most businesses owners just need monetary support at this critical time.

However, we truly empathise with SMEs’ positions and if there are any business owners who feel they:

  • 1. Have nowhere to turn due to cash flow problems
  • 2. Are considering closing-down in the face of these additional restrictions on their business activity
  • 3. Are too de-motivated and now have increased fears for their mental health, to be able to continue…….

Please talk to us. We can guide you in debt management, business exit planning and retirement solutions

You will be able to talk to us in confidence in an initial meeting that is free of charge to you. This may be all that you require. We are simply here to use our skills to help you.

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I am interested in how you can help Charities...

At Brighter we have an approach to investment that ensures that a charity’s objectives are at the centre of all the financial decisions that we make on their behalf.

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Introducing Client Exchange...

Client Exchange is an interactive system that helps clients work more effectively with their adviser.

It offers:

  • 1. A quick and effective means of reviewing and accessing personal and financial information
  • 2. The ability to review all the work that the adviser carries out on behalf of the client from day 1 of the advice process
  • 3. A means of interacting with the adviser so that fact finds and documents can be completed quickly and efficiently
  • 4. The ability for the client to securely message the adviser at any time, ensuring peace of mind that all sensitive information is secure.

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A Brighter Wider Community

We are proud to be part of the Calderdale community and, as a business, believe in giving the next generation the chance to work, develop and contribute to the area, both economically and personally.

We already have plans in place to grow our own business this year but want to support those areas that make a valuable contribution to the area too, namely the Arts, Heritage and to those people who are vulnerable or dis-advantaged.

This is why we have created this space on our website – Brighter Wider Community.

Brighter Community gives support to local project-based, Charitable and Heritage organisations whose key objectives are to champion Calderdale by raising the profile of the area through support for its unique Heritage, local people and economy.

If you are involved in such a project or charity, we will offer you up to 300 words on our dedicated space on the Brighter website for up to 8 weeks.

Please note that we can only advertise one project or charity at a time, so this offer will be on a first come, first-served basis. The offer is free to you and all support to get your information on our website is provided by us. The only stipulation is that we reserve the right to edit content in line with our business style and the purpose of this offer.

Unmasked Mental Health

Who we are... Unmasked Mental Health established in January 2019

What we do... Talking groups for Women & Men, open to anyone aged 16+, with no referral, no registration, no signing in and no cost. We have also created the Uk's first peer to peer support App that is free of charge with no advertisements. You can remain completely annoymous, talk about how you're feeling and get things off your chest.

This app is a 24-hour service that enables you to get support and give support in the comfort of your own home.

Why we do it.. To give people a safe, non-judgement space to talk. To challenge the stigmas surrounding mental ill-health and to get people talking about their feelings. We know from our experiance living mental ill health, how difficult it can be to walk through the door of a support group, so we wanted to create the door by developing the App and also provide the groups once you have built the confidence to talk.

Where we do it... 4 locations across Calderdale and more to be opened in the near future.

  • Halifax Hub - King cross Fire station
  • Sowerby Bridge Hub - Tesco
  • Brighouse Hub - Tesco
  • Mytholmroyd Hub - community centre

When we do it... Every Thursday night. 7 pm