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Welcome back to Brighter! #unfurloughyourfinances

As from Monday 1st June we plan to support our clients efficiently and safely with their financial needs by providing:

  • An easily accessible ground floor meeting room to enable social distancing meetings for clients
  • Hand santisation facilities for entry and exit into the building
  • Clearly marked taped walkways to enable social distancing measures between our staff and our clients
  • We actively support vulnerable clients as part of our normal business operations. Any client who has an underlying health condition or who feels safer wearing a mask during the easing of lock-down arrangements will be supported in doing so during their meetings with an adviser. We are here to work with you, regardless of the situation.
  • We look forward to hearing from you all again
Mortgages & Insurance

Mortgages from Brighter... with a little more planning...

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Pension Plans for Business

Financial planning for business owners...

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Final Salary Pensions

A Final Salary Pension scheme is one where the amount...

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Personal Pensions

Pensions need to be reviewed periodically...

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Our Approach to investments is simple. We believe...

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Later Life & Wills

At retirement and into our later years our priorities change...

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Mortgages from Brighter....... with a little more planning

When we arrange a mortgage for you, this is what you can expect to receive:

Standard Mortgage Service

  • End to end support with the arrangement of the most cost-effective mortgage for you
  • Tireless attention to getting a mortgage for you when you have a poor credit history
  • Post Implementation mortgage follow-up to ensure that it implemented in accordance with the offer
  • Charges for this service: £395.00 but with £100 deduction if you apply for protection with us. Product transfer: £150 (with same lender)

Standard mortgage service and home-buyers financial review

But our business is about financial planning and so we want to offer our mortgage clients more at no additional charge to you

There is no obligation to take this service alongside the standard mortgage service but if you want to know more then click here

Happy Clients? Dont just take our word for it

Introducing Client Exchange from Brighter Financial Services
Client Exchange from Brighter.

A new way for you to work with your independent financial adviser. You think about what you want from your life. We’ll think about how you can get there.

Feedback about Exchange from our clients:

Rosie Bhattacharjee “I have found the online portal and fact find really easy to use. The flow of sections has helped me focus on my priorities and inform discussion with my adviser, who can access the information ahead of our meeting.”

Jackie Hutton “I found the system really user-friendly and simple to follow and it meant that we could use the time during our meeting more productively having gathered all the relevant up-to-date data. “

Final Salary Pension Advice from Brighter

We are often approached by people with many different queries about final salary pension transfers. Many of the people who approach us go on to be our clients, but not before they have done their homework and know what it is that they would like to achieve from the transfer review.

We have put together this video which is a compiled from the types of questions that our clients have asked us over the years, in relation to final-salary pension transfers. Fees and the reasons why a financial adviser is required have been addressed in the video as we operate to a strict policy of transparency and want you to have all the information you need before you decide to use our services.

However, if after seeing the video, you still have queries for us, please contact us here. We will be happy to help.

Margaret and lifestyle
Personal regulated advice from an Independent Financial Adviser

Brighter Financial Services Ltd have one aim. To support you, the client, with a comprehensive financial plan that helps achieve your financial aspirations, at every twist and turn of life’s journey.

We offer the full range of financial planning services from mortgages and insurance to pensions and investments. We can also help with IHT tax planning, Trusts, Equity Release and Wills.

We are specialists in occupational and personal pension advice and are one of the few companies in the country to have been granted authorisation from the FCA to provide advice on final salary pension schemes.

Whether it is advice you require or product management, we will ensure that when you work with us the result will be (taking account of market fluctuations) a financial portfolio that exactly matches your needs.

Meet Margaret

Margaret is 54 yrs old. She has worked in a stationery shop for the past 7 years but before this, worked for Social Services and Calming Places, a private nursing home, as a support worker, before the job became too much for her. She has a small personal pension and a final-salary pension scheme.

Margaret would like to speak to a financial adviser. These are the reasons why:

  • She needs help from someone to make a financial plan so that she can plan her life.
  • She wants to have reassurance from someone that she has the right product(s) for her which gives her high returns with low costs
  • She wants support from someone to help her understand the jargon and see a clear way forward to help make the most of her money
  • She wants to have a discussion with someone who has integrity and who she can trust.
  • She would like to understand more about why she should look at possibly transferring out of her final salary pension scheme.

Can she get all this from an Independent Financial Adviser? With Brighter she can.

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Margaret thinking

A Window to our Business

We know that financial services and products can be complicated and confusing to people. That’s why we want to invite you to look through a window to our business, giving you a pre-view of how we will work with you plus an idea of our approach to finance—clear and simple wherever and whenever we can make it like that for you.

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